Orr, Albert and Roger Kitching.

A unique guide to help identify the nearly 400 species to which our continent plays host but with its focus on living butterflies, it is much more than an identification guide. Within its pages is a concise but broad, non-technical introduction to butterfly biology, history, ecology, evolution and conservation.

The quality of the art is exceptional and almost certainly the largest collection of well executed paintings of living butterflies in the world.  They have a vivacity that no butterfly artist has ever approached the subject with this level of erudition and understanding. Many postures and behaviours are uniquely figured. Hundreds of meticulous illustrations show adult butterflies in life, flying or perched, among the plants and animals of their natural habitat, while others document the Australian butterfly species, with beautiful diagnostic half-wing illustrations of pinned specimens. It also explains and illustrates much of the known behaviour and ecology of Australian butterflies, and in so doing meets the needs of both the butterfly watcher and general nature lover. This guide presents an appealing blend of natural history, science and art.

About Albert Orr and Roger Kitching

Dr Albert Orr is a professional entomologist of 35 years standing. He is a retired lecturer in ecology and invertebrate zoology and has been an Honorary Research Fellow at Griffith University since 1996. Dr Orr is a writer and illustrator, as well as a consultant and scientific editor. Professor Roger Kitching holds the Chair of Ecology at Griffith University’s School of the Environment. Professor Kitching is a rainforest ecologist with special expertise in the biology, conservation and management of invertebrate biodiversity. He was a Bullard Fellow at Harvard University in 1998-99 and a Queensland/Smithsonian Research Fellow in 2004.  He was admitted as a member of the Order of Australia in 2010.

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Jacana, October 2010.   336 pages,  paperback, colour illustrations, line drawings, maps.

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