Glassberg, Jeffrey

This is a revised second edition of a groundbreaking photographic field guide to the butterflies of Mexico and Central America. It covers almost all of the more than 1,700 butterfly species found in Mexico, plus many found only in Central America, including more than two-thirds of those in Costa Rica.  Written by Jeffrey Glassberg, the pioneering authority on the field identification of butterflies, A Swift Guide to Butterflies of Mexico and Central America features 3,250 large, gorgeous colour photographs, the very best images available, accompanied by authoritative facing-page text.  Range maps, field marks, and host plants are included for all Mexican butterflies.  This second edition includes more species, many new photos, and updated text, maps, and species names.  The result is an ideal field guide that will enable you to identify almost every butterfly you see.

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Princeton University Press, January 2018.  304 pages, paperback, 3250 colour photos, colour distribution maps