Barclay, Maxwell V L; Patrice Bouchard

Beetles make up about a quarter of known animal species and are arguably the most diverse group of organisms on Earth: almost 400,000 species have been formally described so far, and it is likely that this number merely scratches the surface. In Beetles of the World, Maxwell Barclay and Patrice Bouchard – two of the world’s foremost beetle experts – celebrate these remarkable creatures in all their variety, from their size and appearance to their ecological importance.

Providing concise accounts of all the major families and subfamilies of Coleoptera, Beetles of the World explores beetle anatomy, life cycle, fossil history, feeding habits, role in the food web, habitats, relationship with humans, and classification – as well as the essential part that beetles play in the global ecosystem, and the ways humans can help protect them.

– Features 300 stunning colour photographs
– Presents family profiles with a distribution map, table of information, and commentary
– Includes a comprehensive introduction that provides insight into the astonishing diversity of beetles and their histories

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Princeton University Press, November 2023.  240 pages,  hardcover, 300 colour photos, colour distribution maps