Brunet, Bert.

OUT OF PRINT.  This second edition of Australian Insects, with updated scientific names, records the physical attributes and lifestyle developments that have made life on this continent possible for insects.  Insects are survivors.   Since their evolution some 365 million years ago, they have penetrated almost every habitat on Earth.   Today in Australia there are over 100,000 species crawling, flying, hopping and hurrying across the continent. Australian Insects reveals worlds that we often glimpse at but rarely stop to consider.

In this edition, chapters include: an insect’s body; life cycles; wings and flight;  behaviour and survival;  habits and habitats;  collection and observation;  pseudo insects;  primitive wingless insects;  primitive winged insects ; and modern winged insects.

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New Holland, 2010.  288 pages, hard cover, dustwrapper, colour photographs, line drawings.

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