Dinets, Vladimir

Equal parts nature guide, adventure story, and coffee table book! People are captivated by wild animals by their strength and their size and by the things they do to stay alive. Wildlife Spectacles dives deep into this wonder, allowing curious readers to discover just how spectacular wild animals can be. Zoologist Vladimer Dinets reveals hundreds of amazing examples of animal behavior across North America, explaining why they happen, how they work, and where they can be seen in person. In the rich, fully illustrated pages you’ll discover the migration of gray whales along the Pacific coast, the scuba diving of spiny lobsters in Florida, the synchronized blinking of fireflies near Tennessee, the swarms of feeding bats over the Mississippi River, the blue-glowing scorpions of the Southwest desert, hundreds of wintering tundra swans in New Jersey, and much more.

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Timber Press, December 2016.  320 pages, hardcover, colour photographs