Finkler, Wiebke;

A breathtaking visual journey exploring why certain animal species capture our attention and showcasing hopeful conservation efforts around the world.

From polar bears to mountain gorillas, penguins to sea otters, certain animals capture our imagination. These are the animals that become mascots for conservation campaigns. But why these creatures instead of other equally endangered animals? The answer lies in their cuteness or charisma!

The great white shark fascinates us even as we fear it. The comical waddle of the penguin entrances us. Illustrated with breathtaking images by one of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, The Science of Hope informs as it educates, describing the psychology and science behind our desire to connect with these animals while promoting a message of hope by highlighting positive conservation efforts around the world.

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Exisle Publishing, September 2021.  160 pages, hardcover, 150 colour photos