Karban, Richard; Mikaela Huntzinger; Ian S Pearse

The essential insider’s guide for ecologists at all career stages – now completely updated and expanded

Most books and courses in ecology focus on facts and concepts but do little to explain the process of research. How to Do Ecology provides nuts-and-bolts advice for organizing and conducting a successful research program. This fully updated and expanded edition explains how to ask and answer your own research questions using compelling study design and appropriate stats. Ecology doesn’t take place exclusively outdoors, so the book shares invaluable insights on topics such as identifying your goals, developing professional relationships, reading efficiently, and organizing a field season. Because the currency in ecology is publications, it also suggests effective ways to communicate your ideas through journal articles, oral presentations, posters, and grant proposals. This incisive handbook makes explicit many of the unstated rules that ecologists follow and serves as a practical resource for meaningful conversations about ecology.

This new edition includes:
– Expanded emphasis on collecting and interpreting observational data
– An innovative new workshop for generating and evaluating creative research questions
– Helpful tips on developing the skills most important to students, navigating your career path, writing efficiently, and more

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Princeton University Press, December 2023.  213 pages, paperback, 6 black and white illustrations