Goodman, Steven M. et al.

Since the arrival of the island’s first human settlers, the vast majority of Madagascar’s forests have disappeared, and in the wake of this loss many species endemic to Madagascar have vanished forever. In Extinct Madagascar, noted scientists Steven M. Goodman and William L. Jungers explore the recent past of these animal extinctions. Beginning with an introduction to the geologic and ecological history of Madagascar that provides context for the evolution, diversification, and, in some cases, rapid decline of the Malagasy fauna, Goodman and Jungers then seek to recapture these extinct mammals in their environs.
Aided in their quest by artist Velizar Simeonovski’s beautiful and haunting paintings – images of both individual species and ecosystem assemblages reproduced here in full color – the authors reconstruct the lives of these lost animals and trace their relationships to those still living. Published in conjunction with an exhibition of Simeonovski’s paintings set to open at the Field Museum, Chicago, in the second half of 2014, Goodman and Jungers’ awe-inspiring book will serve not only as a sobering reminder of the very real threat of extinction, but also as a stunning tribute to Madagascar’s biodiversity and a catalyst for further research and conservation.

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University of Chicago Press,  September 2014.  296 pages, hardcover,  36 plates with 20 colour illustrations; 87 b/w photos and b/w illustrations, 12 tables


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