Murphy, Stephen

Most of us do what we can and try to reduce our ecological footprint by making lifestyle choices that are softer on our planet. But it’s not easy, as each of our daily choices like our morning coffee, the clothes we buy, the food we eat and the houses we build make demands on the natural environment.  And it seems that our thirst for new technology is widening the divide between how we live and our connection with the natural world that underpins and resources our lifestyles. This new book holds some of the answers.

At the heart of Recreating the Country are ten design principles observed from nature to plant a new form of revegetation – the ‘sustainable biorich plantation’.  Integrated with other forms of vegetation like agroforestry, biorich plantations aim to enrich biodiversity across rural landscapes not just for our lifetime but in perpetuity.

This updated and expanded edition builds on fifteen years of experience in rethinking revegetation strategies to support ten key design principles as observed in nature by the author.  A new chapter highlights personal case studies from landholders who have applied these design principles, and the results are now in – wildlife in all its wonderful diversity is returning.  This easy-to-read guide is a must have for landholders providing all that is needed to put trees back on rural landscapes in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.


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emPress Publishing, March 2024.  198 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout.