Flannery, Tim and Peter Schouten

In 2001 Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten’s A Gap in Nature was released, a moving and beautiful account of the extinction of around 100 species since Columbus.     Peter Schouten and Tim Flannery have collaborated again to create another gorgeous treasury of remarkable creatures. Astonishing Animals reveals ninety-seven of the world’s most amazing beasts-from the depths of the oceans to the loftiest mountain heights. These creatures exist at the ‘outer limits of life’s progress’.   Here are sumptuous birds of paradise, amazing soft-shell turtles, terrifying fish, frogs that resemble tomatoes, chameleons and the most bizarre bats you could imagine.   The text accompanying each species is full of interesting facts and stories, and covers extreme environments, specialised diets, bizarre reproduction and strange worlds.

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Text Publishing, 2004.  224 pages, paperback, colour illustrations Peter Schouten.

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