Bass, Karen, editor.

OUT OF PRINT.  Nature’s Great Events is a landmark television series showcasing our planet’s most spectacular natural events and the global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes, drawing in millions of animals and determining their fate. The series combines the epic scale of the BBC One’s “Planet Earth” with the intimate, emotional stories of individual animals as they struggle to survive.

This book closely follows the structure of the television series. In addition words, pictures, and graphics provide an eyewitness experience and reveal the mechanisms of the different events. Each chapter is set in a different location on our planet and shows how immensely powerful natural forces can drive chain reactions involving everything from microscopic organisms to entire tracts of rainforest, ultimately culminating in a spectacular natural event.

From the flooding of the Okavango Delta in Southern Africa, attracting great herds of near starving elephants into the jaws of waiting lions, to the melting of the Arctic ice disrupting hunting polar bears, both book and television series follow the fortunes of a few key characters before during and after each great event.

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London: Hachette, 2009.  320 pages, hardcover, dustwrapper, 400 colour photographs and graphics