Martyn, John

The perfect way to learn about the geology that underpins the landscape and diverse flora of the Sydney region. This book is a photographic journey through the rich and varied geology, scenery and flora of this area.  Martyn is a geologist, and his love and enthusiasm for the rocks underpinning this region and the plant communities’ different soil profiles is evident. The extensive photographs are clear and he explains the different strata which are traced over the image so you know what you are looking at precisely.  Every page is illustrated, and there is a geologic timeline running along the left side edge of the double spread, so the reader can place the photographed rocks in context.

Rocks and Trees captures the dramatic scenery of the Greater Blue Mountains, the beauty of the coastline and the great sweep of plains west of the CBD, but its main purpose is to highlight the geology and flora and their interrelationships. The book journeys from the Illawarra along the coast to Newcastle and inland to the Greater Blue Mountains, staying within the framework created by the massive sandstones and conglomerates of the Triassic Narrabeen Group.

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Step Inc., 2018.  312 pages,  hardcover, 850 illustrations, mostly photographs of landscapes, rocks and plants, but also includes diagrams, maps and sketches.  Glossary of around 200 geological terms