Vanderbyl, Julia and Anastasia

An inspiring and transformative book of hope that reveals how to heal the earth and ourselves in the process.  As young women, sisters Anastasia and Julia Vanderbyl began a compelling journey of restoration deep in the Australian rainforest. A beautifully crafted narrative woven with personal stories, Mother the Mountain is both a memoir of their experiences and a meditation on the extraordinary resilience of nature.

In this rich collection of reflections, art, photography, and poetry, you will find yourself enchanted with the wonders of the natural world. Drawing on their life as regenerative farmers, artists, gardeners, and caretakers of both animals and the land, the sisters share secrets of how to deepen your connection with the earth, celebrate creativity, and return to a mindful way of life. A powerful tribute to hope and healing, this book invites you to discover the art of living with nature.

About the Authors:  Sisters Anastasia and Julia Vanderbyl are the artists and farmers behind Mother the Mountain, an environmental platform that has amassed a devoted fan base of over 2 million followers. Through film, art, and photography, they document their journey of restoring the rainforest, caring for animals, and living with nature, inspiring their audience to celebrate and protect the beauty of the natural world. Anastasia is a fashion designer who works with regenerative practices to create ethereal pieces, and Julia is an internationally exhibited painter whose work examines the interplay of human and environment. They both live and grow on Bundjalung Country on the East Coast of Australia, where they care for a regenerative farm previously stewarded by their parents and grandparents.

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Alpha Books, November 2023.  256 pages, hardcover, colour illustrations and photographs throughout.