Lowe, Pat

The Kimberley holds part of Northern Australia’s vast landscape of savannah, the most extensive, most intact in the world. With 70% of the world’s tropical savannah under crops or concrete, time is running out to save what’s left.

The Pindan, a savannah landscape of shrubland and woodland, is a treasure-house of wildlife, little known or explored by visitors to the Kimberley, or even most non-indigenous residents. Often overlooked by people used to towering trees and rainforests, the Pindan is surprisingly varied and rewards close attention. And, like so many other landscapes, it is under threat.

This book offers non-specialists a glimpse into this undervalued ecosystem and others neighbouring it, showing the reader how interdependent natural systems are.  The author, who has spent many years in and around the Pindan, and describes, in plain English, some of the plants and animals found there.

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Environs Kimberley Incorporated, July 2023.   114 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout, map