Kurzweil, Hubert, Saw Lwin

The orchid flora of Myanmar is fairly rich with just over 800 different species, which is a reflection of the country’s varied topography and climate. Following a long period of political isolation the Myanmar orchids are among the least known in tropical mainland Asia. Some highly attractive orchids are found there, notably some large-flowered and brightly coloured species in the genera Coelogyne, Dendrobium and Cymbidium. Affinities to the orchid flora of the Himalayas are found in the north of the country, while typical Malesian elements occur in the southern part of Myanmar.  A Guide to Orchids of Myanmar  gives readers an impression of the diversity found in the orchids that are growing in the wild in Myanmar. After short introductory chapters, with general notes on the country and its orchid flora,  there are descriptions and illustrations of 116 selected examples of Myanmar orchid species. Many of the photographs were taken in the natural habitat of the plants, while several others originated in cultivation. Also provided is  an identification key to the groups of orchids found there, as well as a preliminary checklist of the species recorded so far.

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Natural History Publications, Borneo.  December 2013.   196 pages, paperback,  colour and black and white photos, 1 colour map

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