Biggs, Matthew

REPRINT UNDER CONSIDERATION.  NO DATE.  Botanists are the trailblazers who first discovered how plants work and collected from around the world many of the species that we find in our gardens today. This informative and beautiful guide presents the stories of 35 plant collectors and gardening pioneers of the past and present, including Joseph Banks, Asa Gray and Marianne North. Arranged in chronological order, each profile covers one botanist, presenting their life story, discoveries and legacy, while special feature pages reveal their secrets, exploring the qualities that brought them success and showing what ordinary gardeners can learn from them. Illustrated with beautiful period botanical watercolours and vibrant photographs, The Secrets of the Great Botanists will provide inspiration and practical guidance for gardeners of all levels, from successful plant cultivation to adding interest to your garden.

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Exisle Publishing, October 2019.  224 pages, hardcover, 150 colour photos and colour and black and white illustrations