Pavlis, Robert

With breathtaking clarity, Compost Science for Gardeners demystifies composting practices and helps readers determine the best technique for their unique situation. This comprehensive science-based book is your key to building healthier soil and growing better plants.

Using plain language and easy-to-follow instructions, this essential resource distils and blends the latest scientific research with the author’s many decades of knowledge and experience into a manageable form, debunking a host of common gardening myths along the way. Learn about:
– The role of composting in the ecological cycle
– Compostable materials to incorporate and those to avoid
– Browns and greens vs the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio
– The full range of composting methods, including cold and hot composting; composting in piles, bins, and tumblers; and pit and trench composting
– Keyhole gardening, food digesters, vermicomposting, bokashi, eco-enzyme fermentation, and more
– The relative merits and impact on the environment of each composting technique
– Using finished compost to improve soil health

Anyone can compost. Whether you are a balcony or backyard gardener, market gardener, small-scale farmer, or homesteader, or even if you are simply looking for a way to keep organic matter out of the landfill, this book will show you how to do it simply, safely, and sensibly.

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New Society Publishers, March 2023.  204 pages, paperback, 25 black and white photos and black and white illustrations, tables