Seifert, Keith

An enthralling look at our relationship with fungi, from an author who has spent more than forty years studying them on five continents.

Fungi are essential to all life on Earth and yet fungal diseases and toxins lead to over one million deaths each year. How can we strike a better balance with our microbial cousins?

These remarkable microbes enrich our lives- from releasing the carbon in plants, to producing life-changing medicine, to adding umami flavour and B vitamins to our food. But not all fungi are good for us.

This compelling book from esteemed mycologist Keith Seifert ventures into our homes, bodies, farms, and forests to profile the fungi that inhabit our environments. Drawing from the latest research, he explains where fungi came from and how yeasts, lichens, and moulds have evolved and adapted over millions of years.

The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi urges us to better understand our relationship with fungi, while revealing their world in all its beautiful complexity.

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University of Queensland Press, August 2022.  288 pages, paperback.