Roberts, Peter, Shelley E Evans

Fungi are an indispensable part of the great chain of life: more than 90% of the world’s plant species depend on them for their nutrition. There are believed to be about 1.5 million species, thriving in virtually every habitat, from temperate to tropical, Antarctic to marine. Using beautifully coloured illustrations, this book dips into the whole range, showcasing the unusual, the familiar, the poisonous and the delicious, and sharing the stories of puffballs, deadly webcaps and devils’ fingers, among others. Some are cultivated for use in different cuisines, while others are heralded for their hallucinogenic properties, or valued for use in medicine. Essential information on distribution, uses and growth partnerships are included for each species featured.

Get to know what makes mushrooms magic in this handy, colourful book.

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Ivy Press, July 2021.  176 pages, hardcover, 160 colour illustrations and colour distribution maps