Bellocq, Alain (Author), Jaroslav Malý (Illustrator)

Astounding Mushrooms features full-colour photographs of more than 200 mushroom species in their wild habitat.  The close-up images reveal every size of growth, every shade of color, every shadow of silhouette, and every detail of texture. Chapter text sheds light on this unique living species, neither animal nor plant. Concise captions identify the mushrooms and provide further description of their biology.  As Astounding Mushrooms reveals, mushrooms are astonishingly diverse!  Shapes include buttons, nests, fans, feet, clubs, hooves, trumpets, mesh, tentacles, stars, tubes, and spines.  Textures are smooth, shiny or pimpled.  They can be dry or wet, edible or deadly.  Nuanced colors and blushes include yellows, reds, blues, and greens. They may be speckled, stinky, slimy, hairy, or fuzzy. Some wear a hat, a “skirt”, or can even move.   Astounding Mushrooms invites readers into the extraordinary fungi universe.

The author Alain Bellocq is a mycologist specializing in the study of the Inocybe genre, who trained with Marcel Bon, a mycologist of worldwide reputation.  He is president of the Association Mycologique de l’Ouest de la France and secretary of the L’Observatoire Mycologique.

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Firefly Books, October 2015.  200 pages, hardcover, colour photos throughout