Suksathan, Piyakaset; Saroj Ruchisansakun

Dr Piyakaset Suksathan and Dr Saroj Ruchisansakun present, in this book on the balsams of Thailand, their revision of the genus Impatiens (Balsaminaceae), a technically competent yet well-illustrated and engaging account of a plant group with very many elegant and exquisite species. For plant lovers, especially, this comes some 130 years following the description of the first Thai species, Impatiens mirabilis Hook.f., in 1891. Since then, there have been many discoveries, including new records and new species, detailed in this book. The research has spanned over a decade, covering an incredibly attractive and interesting array of species spanning the longitudinally and latitudinally diverse inclusion of Thailand, ranging from subtropical mountains to the wet tropical lowland rainforest regions. Balsams have an impressive taxonomic diversity, their basic floral structure is already elaborate, represented by an incredibly large variation in form and structure, amply displayed in this iconic taxonomic account. This beautiful book details 91 taxa including 20 new species and a new variety, with 43 species only known from Thailand. It is a gem not only for botanists and specialists but also amateurs and plant lovers.

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Natural History Publications (Borneo), July 2022.   396 pages, hardcover, 370 colour and black and white photos and black and white line drawings