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A fascinating look at the inner workings of the plant kingdom, written for gardeners.  Far from another guide on how to grow plants, A Gardener’s Guide to Botany takes a fascinating and revelatory look at the inner workings of the plants in your garden and home. Prepare to dive into the breathtaking science behind your favorite plants in this beautiful book. In layman’s language, botanist Scott Zona imparts all his ‘plantnerd’ wisdom on you by sharing the wonders of how different plant parts function, what separates plants from humans, how their evolutionary history impacts their success in the garden, and how the adaptations they ‘ve developed over the eons influence everything from their leaf patterns and shapes to their growth habits, hormones, and metabolism. It’s the curious low-down on all things botanical, including plant sex, photosynthesis, insect relationships, and even plant sleep!

About the Author:
Dr. Scott Zona is a botanist, researcher, and educator with a focus on tropical plants. For 9 years he served as the curator of the Wertheim Conservatory and Greenhouses at Florida International University in Miami, where he directed the restoration of the conservatory and maintained their research plant collections. Dr. Zona has collaborated with scientists worldwide on plant ecology research and has taught graduate- and undergraduate-level courses on tropical plant taxonomy. He guides garden tours and workshops for students, garden clubs, and the general public. In addition, he was a palm biologist with the Center for Tropical Plant Conservation at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Florida.

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Quarto US, March 2023.  256 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout.