Kuiter, Rudie H

The colourful terrestrial orchids of Victoria flower from Spring over Summer. We can admire the many yellow or purple blooms of the Diuris from late Spring, whilst the mostly pink Dipodium hyacinth-orchids are Summer flowering. The magnificent blue, pink or yellow coloured Thelymitra sun-orchids show over Spring and Summer, and with numerous flowers on a spike the Prasophyllum leek-orchids from Spring to the end of Summer.
This book is an extensively illustrated guide covering nearly 100 taxa with about 1150 images. It compliments the books Victoria’s Cryptic Orchids, Victoria’s Spider Orchids, Victoria’s Small Caladenias and Victoria’s Greenhoods and Rustyhoods – and completes the series.

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Aquatic Photographics, 2017. 216 pages,  paperback, colour photographs throughout.