Kuiter, Rudie H

Victoria’s Cryptic Orchids is a comprehensive guide to selected terrestrial genera and comprises species that usually blend in exceptionally well with their surroundings. It includes the Beard, Elbow, Onion, Midge, Duck, Horned, Tongue, Fringed Hare, Mosquito, Gnat, Bird and Helmet Orchids. As their vernacular name implies, flowers feature unusual looks and may have an intriguing insect-like appearance. Their looks serve to go unnoticed, but they emit a special scent for their specific pollinators to find them. Flowering times of the various species are in tune with the flying times of their particular insect pollinators, combined with best suited environmental conditions. Most Victorian orchids flower only briefly during a specific time of a season, but at any time of the year a particular cryptic orchid may be in flower.

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Aquatic Photographics:, 2016. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.