Chandrasena, Nimal R

Weeds as a group of plants are unloved by some people.  However, this dislike is not universal.  Weeds are colonizing, pioneering plants with special botanical and ecological attributes.  They are a critical component of Mother Earth’s rich biodiversity.  This book provides compelling evidence of the virtuous side of weeds and their utilization potential for people’s livelihoods and sustainable future societies.  The history of weeds is essentially the history of human societies since the agricultural revolution.  Nimal has been a long time campaigner for the utilization of these maligned plants for societal benefits.  He makes a plea to understand weeds better and treat them as nature’s gifts.

About the Author:  Nimal Chandreasena, is a Weed Scientist and obtained his Ph.D in Weed Science from the University of North Wales.  He lives and works in Australia and has 40 plus years of experience as a botanist and ecologist, mingling with weeds, and shining a light on this often disliked group of plants.

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Vivid Publishing, 2023.  474 pages, paperback.