Keith, David.

Ocean Shores to Desert Dunes is an award-winning book that takes the reader on a journey through the landscapes of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, describing the 12 broad formations – or types – of vegetation, and 99 vegetation classes. Each vegetation class is comprehensively described, including where each occurs and why, interesting aspects of its ecology, evolution, history and development, as well as current conservation and management challenges. This spectacularly illustrated book includes more than 100 maps and 400 colour photographs, species lists for each of the vegetation classes, and extensive botanical and general indexes.

Interesting aspects of ecology, evolution, history and development, current conservation and management issues are also included.  The book is divided into chapters according to vegetation formations – rainforests; wet sclerophyll forests; grassy woodlands; grasslands; dry sclerophyll forests; heathlands; alpine; freshwater wetlands; forested wetlands; saline wetlands; semi-arid woodlands; and arid shrublands.


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Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW), July 2004.  353 pages, hardcover, dust jacket, colour photographs, maps.

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