Docherty, Phil

Australia is rich in eucalypts, and the Kimberley hosts at least 66 species. Eucalypts of one species or another dominate the Kimberley landscape, from the Pindan shrublands of the west to the open, hilly savanna of the east.

This book fills a gap in botanical works about the Kimberley. It provides non-specialists with a straightforward guide to Kimberley eucalypts, illustrated with photographs and drawings to help with identification. Users will appreciate the great variety of Corymbia and Eucalyptus species found in the Kimberley and will be well-equipped to become familiar with some of them.

Phil Docherty is a local plant enthusiast from country Western Australia,

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Environs Kimberley Incorporated, 2022.     93 pages, paperback, black and white illustrations, maps, colour photographs.