Rogers, Ian

This book follows the history of the Geelong Botanic Gardens from their pre-establishment.  It follows 176 years of its history, to the present day and takes readers on a pictorial and chronological journey through time, starting with the designation of the park area in 1851 and showcases the amazing growth and expansion of this important resource.  It is the fourth oldest botanic gardens in Australia and boasts a world-renowned plant collection.  This beautifully presented  book, meticulously researched, is an important reference work on the Gardens, their development and the entire area.  It is one of a kind!

Ian Rogers is a horticulturalist and arborist and commenced working in the Gardens as a Curator in 1981 and continued on till his retirement in 2011.  From the beginning he embarked on a mission to discover and record its history.  This book has been 40 years in the making.  Ian was responsible for the building of the new Raddenberry Fern Glade, the conifer gardens and started the first plants accession list to record all trees, shrubs and plants in the Gardens.  In all, he has spent 30 years working with the City of Geelong  and 50 years as a horticulturalist.

This book is an extremely important contribution to Australia’s history, giving a great insight into how the Gardens have grown and evolved over time.   It is a significant resource and reference for future generations.

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Author, 2018.   486 pages,  hardcover, more than 1200 illustrations,

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