Ralph, Murray.

This edition has been significantly updated to incorporate recent research and new developments in seed propagation of Australian native plants.  This practical book includes information on how to germinate seeds, growing seedlings in containers and species suitable for direct seeding.  Details are provided on growing over one thousand native plant genera and thousands of individual species.

With increasing community recognition of the many problems associated with past clearing of native vegetation, interest in the propagation of indigenous plants has dramatically increased over the past few years.  This has led to a greater diversity of native plant species being grown, including native grasses, aquatics, lilies and herbaceous species. This book outlines methods used to propagate native species from seed for small or large scale revegetation, tree planting or direct seeding projects.

Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed is the most comprehensive book available on growing native plants from seed.

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Bloomings Books, September 2011.   156 pages, paperback, line drawings.

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