Espiritu, Kevin

Conquer your small-space gardening challenges! Field Guide to Urban Gardening helps you choose and get started with your best solution as it presents an overview of the variety of ingenious strategies for growing plants in small spaces.

Urban gardening is a broad but up-trending category that offers many solutions for space-challenged gardeners. As it has become a more popular (and necessary) way to garden, the options have increased. Today, they include such methods as raised bed gardening, vertical gardening, rooftop gardening, hydroponics, ‘hellstrip’ gardening, and indoor kitchen gardening. Rather than tackle one or two of these categories, Field Guide to Urban Gardening gives a complete overview of small-space gardening in general, outlining the many clever strategies for growing plants in small spaces and applying a compare-and-contrast calculus to the most popular methods to help you choose which way or ways are right for you. In the process, it provides enough practical, how-to guidance that you can successfully embark on any of the many methods you choose: singly or in combination.

Filled with high-quality photos and straightforward tutorials, Field Guide to Urban Gardening is the entry point to vegetable gardening for anyone who thought they were excluded by living in an urban area with no yard or in any residence with limited gardening space.

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Cool Springs Press, April 2019.  224 pages, paperback, colour throughout