Nevill, Simon

In Western Australia, one of the richest flora regions of the world, botanists to date have identified over 10,000 vascular plants. It is understandable that a visitor to this huge State would find the quantity and variation of wildflowers simply overwhelming.

This small publication attempts to illustrate some of the more easily identifiable common and not so common wildflowers (215 species are illustrated).
A handy, lightweight reference guide that can be used in the field. It is divided into the three major botanic zones in Western Australia, and then into 12 geographic regions for easy specie identification. Beautifully illustrated with close up shots of the 215 species if Wildflowers to be found. Includes a space for explorers to write where and when they saw a particular flower and includes and index of common names and scientific names

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Woodslane Press, 2018.  28 pages, paperback (215 species illustrated).


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Dimensions 25.5 × 17.5 cm