Speichert, Greg, Sue Speichert

Water is a soothing and delightful addition to any garden, and water features-streams, waterfalls, and bog gardens-continue to be popular design elements in the modern garden. And now, gardeners finally have a practical and handy place to turn for information about water garden plants.  Gardening gurus Greg and Sue Speichert provide information on a full range of plants that can be used in ponds and wet soils, from the widely popular waterlilies and lotuses to the often-overlooked submerged, floating, and bog plants. This book focuses on 300 of the best plants for use in large and small water gardens. Each description includes detailed information on choosing, planting, and caring for plants. Notes on cultivation address the question of how much water each plant needs to grow and provide information on cold tolerance and how to overwinter plants. Suggestions for use in the landscape offer design ideas for gardeners of all levels.


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Timber Press, October 2008.  210 pages, paperback, 314 colour photos, 2 maps