Laman, Tim

Birds inhabit every continent and major island, and are among the most diverse group of vertebrates on the planet. For ornithologist and National Geographic photographer Tim Laman, documenting these magnificent creatures has been a lifelong passion that has taken him from the Antarctic Peninsula to the uninhabited Foja Mountains of New Guinea, and more than one hundred other locations around the world.

Here, Laman shares his favourite bird photographs from more than twenty-five years in the field, along with some of his memorable adventures in pursuit of them. This collection includes some of his award-winning images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year and National Geographic magazine together with brand-new work, but also many undiscovered gems – personal favourites that Laman has pulled from his vast archive that have never been published. His far-flung travels have brought him face to face with many legendary, rare and beloved species – from hornbills in the rainforest of Borneo to cranes in snowy Hokkaido to birds of paradise in the treetops of New Guinea to wandering albatrosses soaring over the Drake Passage, and including familiar visitors to his New England backyard.

Organised into eight geographical chapters, Bird Planet takes readers on a voyage around the world and through Laman’s career, covering Southeast Asia, Japan, North America, Africa, South America, New Guinea, Australia and Antarctica. Featuring a foreword by distinguished ornithologist John W Fitzpatrick, this collection of evocative images of our endangered natural world is sure to inspire a greater appreciation for birds and the importance of protecting their environment, not just for the birds, but for all life on earth.

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Thames & Hudson, October 2022.  224 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout.