Grewal, Bikram.

A country of huge scenic diversity, India is a birdwatcher’s paradise and a popular tourist destination. The many species found in India and Nepal range from the mighty Great Indian Buzzard to a dazzling Purple-rumped Sunbird.

Ideal for a travelling birdwatcher, this useful guide provides a comprehensive overview of the wide variety of birdlife to be found in India and Nepal. Over 250 native species are included in the book, each description supported by a clear colour photograph taken where possible in the bird’s natural habitat. As well as the commoner species likely to be encountered – colourful birds such as the Gold-fronted Leafbird, Red Munia and Monal Pheasant – the guide also focuses on some of the rarer, and in some cases highly endangered, species such as the Black-necked Crane.

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New Holland,  2008.  144 pages, 252 colour photos, 252 maps, colour photographs, maps.