del Hoyo, Josep et al., editors.

This title is not held in stock but we are happy to supply on special order. Please contact us. The seventh passerine volume.   The series is completed in sixteen volumes.   Species accounts cover taxonomy, distribution (including subspecies), habitat, feeding, breeding, movements, status and conservation.

Volume 14 of the Handbook of Birds of the World continued the series covering the families of the order Passeriformes from the Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae) through to the Old World Sparrows (Passeridae). This volume has a foreword on the past, present, and future of birding.

Family Malaconotidae (Bush-shrikes)   Hilary Fry
Family Prionopidae (Helmet-shrikes)   David Allan
Family Vangidae (Vangas)   Satoshi Yamagishi & Masahiko Nakamura
Family Dicruridae (Drongos)   Gérard Rocamora & Dosithée Yeatman-Berthelot
Family Callaeidae (New Zealand Wattlebirds)   Paul Scofield
Family Notiomystidae (Stitchbird)   Peter Higgins & Les Christidis
Family Grallinidae (Mudlarks)   Susan & Alan Tingay
Family Struthideidae (Australian Mudnesters)   Ian Rowley & Eleanor Russell
Family Artamidae (Woodswallows)   Ian Rowley & Eleanor Russell
Family Cracticidae (Butcherbirds)   Eleanor Russell & Ian Rowley
Family Pityriaseidae (Bristlehead)   Fred Sheldon & Rob Moyle
Family Ptilonorhynchidae (Bowerbirds)   Clifford & Dawn Frith
Family Paradisaeidae (Birds-of-paradise)   Clifford & Dawn Frith
Family Corvidae (Crows)   Luiz dos Anjos, Stephen Debus, Steve Madge & John Marzluff
Family Buphagidae (Oxpeckers)   Adrian Craig
Family Sturnidae (Starlings)   Adrian Craig & Chris Feare
Family Passeridae (Old World Sparrows)   Denis Summers-Smith

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Lynx Edicions,  2009.  893 pages, hardcover, dustwrapper, 51 plates with colour illustrations; 657 colour photos, 485 colour distribution maps

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