De Barros, Leighton

On a Wing and a Prayer: The Story of a Carnaby’s Cockatoo Family introduces us to the amazing world of the Carnaby’s cockatoo;  one of five species of black cockatoo whose populations have declined dramatically.  This is a story of love, loss and sheer endurance.  Read about the parents’ unique nest-selection behaviour, their elaborate courtship, and revel in the miracle of new life as the first chick breaks through the shell.  Much depends on the chick’s survival but life at the hollow is tough with many threats including hyperthermia, starvation and predators. While the female tries to protect her precious offspring, the male risks predation, exhaustion and road traffic accidents to find food for his family in a depleted natural habitat. Much is against them, but will the chick fledge successfully to add vital numbers to a still decreasing population?

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Department of Environment and Conservation (WA), 2011.  90 pages, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.


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