Grimmett, Richard, Paul Thompson, Tim Inskipp

Field Guide to the Birds of Bangladesh is indispensable to anybody interested in the wildlife of this beautiful country.

Bangladesh – an amazing country packed with rich birdlife that until recently has been very much off the beaten trail in terms of birding. Why is this? Part of the reason is there has never been a field guide to its ornithological riches – until now. Birders are increasingly turning to this relatively safe country. And what wonders await them.

Written by two of the top birding authorities in the region, Richard Grimmett and Tim Inskipp, along with regional expert Paul Thompson, Field Guide to the Birds of Bangladesh features concise identification text and accurate maps opposite a series of superb plates illustrating all species and subspecies in the country.

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Helm, November 2021.   320 pages, paperback, 103 plates with colour illustrations; colour photos, colour and black and white illustrations, colour distribution maps