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Nesting boxes, feeding tables and birdbaths make charming additions to any terrace or garden and can be as decorative as they are practical. Even the smallest outdoor space can be enlivened by a small nesting box or feeder, while larger spaces can be home to all manner of bird dwellings. This practical book includes 40 original designs to make at home, from a neo-classical bird table and a country-style distressed house to a thatched ‘cottage’ or fairy-tale tower.  Special advice on how to attract birds to your garden includes tips on providing the right nesting box for different species; choosing the best feeders to benefit the birds; and tasty bird treats that will guarantee a flock of birds in deepest winter.  With its easy-to-follow instructions and 500 photographs, this book is a must for everyone who wants to help their local feathered community.

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Anness Publishing, November 2020.  128 pages, hardcover, 500 colour photos and black and white illustrations