Gregory, Phil (Author), Richard Allen (Illustrator)

For any naturalist, the name ‘New Guinea’ conjures up one group of animals above all others – the sensational birds of paradise, renowned for their dazzling and diverse plumages. Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds, the first comprehensive monograph to the group this century, also includes the bower birds, a group that extends into Australia that is perhaps best known for the males’ construction of ‘bowers’, structures of twigs and sticks used to tempt in females.

This Helm Identification Guide covers the taxonomy, biology and conservation of these birds in great detail, including a series of plates packed with beautiful illustrations from Richard Allen, and hundreds of photographs covering the full range of racial and age-related plumage variety.

The product of almost two decades of research and scholarship and a must-have book for anyone interested in these stunning birds, this will remain the standard reference on birds of paradise for many years to come.

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Helm, February 2020.  416 pages, hardcover, 41 plates with colour illustrations; colour photos, colour distribution maps