Fraigneau, Cloé (Author); Tony Williams (Translated by)

This guide to the feathers of Europe’s birds covers more than 400 species, with an innovative key allowing for exceptionally precise identification by colour as well as feather structure and shape. Collection and conservation methods, locations of feathers on the bird, and identification and description of the feathers of species are clearly explained and richly illustrated. The large format of the book allows feathers to be shown in great detail.

– The feathers of more than 400 European species are described, more than 300 are illustrated, and there is a total of 400 photographs.
– A large-format guide allows for efficient identification.
– Presents a novel and innovative method to recognise the feathers of Europe’s birds.

Originally published in French in 2017 by Delachaux et Niestle as Identifier les Plumes des Oiseaux d’Europe Occidentale

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Helm, March 2022.  400 pages, hardcover, colour photos, colour and black and white illustrations