Olsen, Penny

Feather and Brush traces the history of bird art in Australia — from the simple engravings illustrating accounts of the earliest European voyages of discovery to the diversity of artwork available today. It explores the early European approach, in which naval draughtsmen, officers, convicts, settlers, naturalists, artists and scientists alike contributed both to the art and the science of ornithology, through to a diversity of contemporary artists featuring birds in their works.

This book contains more than 400 images, representing the work of 156 artists; some well-known, others published for the first time. All have been selected for their merit, whether ornithological, historical or artistic. They range from classical to quirky, decorative to functional, monumental to intimate. Together they demonstrate the rich history of Australian bird art, as it evolved in both Europe and Australia, along with the interests and technologies of the times.

This second edition includes new and revised chapters, and features about 200 new artworks, including some by Indigenous artists.

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CSIRO Publishing, May 2022.  352 pages, hardcover, colour illustrations throughout.