Eggleton, Margaret; John-Naylor, Denis

Combining the talents of two renowned artists, Margaret Eggleton and Denis John-Naylor, this is a detailed, comprehensive guide to drawing trees and flowers. Artists of all skill levels will find much to inspire them, as well as expert instruction on a huge range of topics. You will be guided through a variety of drawing tools and paper surfaces, and the easy-to-follow basic drawing stages will give you the confidence to tackle more advanced techniques. Individual trees and flowers are explored, as well as trees and flowers in a landscape setting, and there are studies on mixed flower collections, dried flowers and flowers in containers. There are detailed studies of leaves, branches and petals, and 19 wonderful step-by-step projects, each culminating in a beautiful drawing you’ll be proud of. Suitable for beginners wanting to build up their confidence as well as more seasoned artists seeking inspiration, Drawing Trees & Flowers is a must-have for anyone who wants to draw trees and flowers in a variety of media.

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Search Press, October 2020.  208 pages, paperback, 50 colour and 350 black and white illustrations