Heatwole, Harold and John W. Wilkinson, editors.

This volume assesses the status of amphibian decline and extinction in Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. Experts from each country contribute a chapter describing the ecological background and the conservation status of affected species, with an emphasis on native species. As well as infectious diseases and parasites (also covered in a general chapter), threats take the form of introduced and invasive species, pollution, destruction and alteration of habitat, and climate change. All these countries have monitoring schemes and conservation programmes, whose origins and activities are described. Recommendations for action are also made.

volume one: the integument [stock id 4018], volume two: social behaviour [8910], volume three: sensory perception [10213], volume four: palaeontology [11645], volume five: osteology [17765], volume six: endocrinology [21590], volume seven: systematics [26059], volume eight: amphibian decline [30357], volume nine part one [31799], volume nine part two [33481, volume nine part three [35933] and volume ten [33482]. Further volumes are planned to cover such topics as embryology, endocrinology, biomechanics, ecology, populations, life histories, digestion, circulation, anatomy, cell biology and biogeography.

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Pelagic Publishing, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, tables.

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