de Silva, Anslem, Kanishka Ukuwela,, Dilan Chathuranga

A Photographic Field Guide to the Amphibians of Sri Lanka is a complete guide to the 120 species of frog, toad and caecilian found in Sri Lanka. Extinct species are also listed for completeness. With photographs from the authors, each species is illustrated with many variants.The general introduction includes details of the climate, geography and vegetation of the island, key characteristics that can be used in the identification of amphibians, information on amphibian conservation in Sri Lanka, a brief introduction to folklore and where to look for amphibians. The species descriptions include the common English name, the current scientific name, the vernacular name in Sinhala, a brief history of the species, a description with identification features, and details of habitat, habits and distribution (in Sri Lanka and outside the country). Key external identification features, such as body form, skin texture and colouration, are provided, to help in the identification of an animal in the field.

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John Beaufoy Publishing, October 2021.  252 pages,  hardcover, ~400 colour photos, colour distribution maps