Spedding, Colin.

Gardens are an opportunity to see an ecosystem at work, yet we are often oblivious of the sheer richness of experience that our gardens can provide. In small gardens, most visiting wildlife will be in the form of birds and butterflies; in more substantial gardens, residents may include larger mammals that are mainly nocturnal, and few gardeners looking in their gardens after dark, these can be easily missed. This book explores the garden’s hidden world of life amid the grass, behind the bushes, in the trees and under stones and fallen branches and will convert a stroll around your garden from a conversation with familiar friends (the plants chosen and planted) to a voyage of discovery that includes invertebrates and larger animals as well. Focusing on British gardens, this book is broad and inclusive in its approach and should appeal to naturalists and gardeners of all ages and areas.

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Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012. 320 pages, hardcover, dustwrapper, colour photographs, line drawings.