Escandell, Victor

In this book, renowned illustrator Victor Escandell offers a step-by-step explanation of a wide range of techniques and their variations, so that, through experimentation, apparently simple black and white drawings or paintings gain added depth and expressiveness. Now in paperback, this visually detailed book by renowned illustrator Victor Escandell is devoted exclusively to the infinite creative possibilities of drawing and painting in black and white. Traditional and modern materials, techniques and applications (Indian ink, pencil, pen, bamboo, water-soluble graphite, colored pencils, gouache, different types of felt-tip pens for various supports, grattage, etc.) are described clearly so that beginners and advanced artists alike can experiment with what they have learned and explore their creativity.

Each chapter covers a specific technique and contains useful information such as the methods and materials used, illustrated examples and interesting anecdotes about the origin of each technique, tricks of the trade, many variations and references to other classic and contemporary authors. Each technique is demonstrated in additional detail by a short film the reader can access via QR code. Photographs display the final result and images of the process make sure readers don’t get lost along the way. Different black-and-white mixed techniques are also presented in a dedicated chapter, while the last chapter examines applications beyond paper (textiles, glass, vinyl, murals). In Escandell’s resourceful hands, the described tools take on new meaning while everyday products such as salt, bleach and even a hair dryer become essential companions on engaging artistic adventures.

About the Author:  Víctor Escandell was born in Ibiza and graduated in Graphic Design from the prestigious Massana School of Barcelona (Spain). He has worked for international companies such as MacCann-Erickson, TBWA, Bassat & Ogilvy and most of the Spanish national newspapers. In 2007 his work was selected for the exhibition of Catalan illustrators at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Hoaki Books, June 2022.  128 pages, paperback, 200 black and white illustrations,