Rivas, Jesús Antonio

Written by Jesús Rivas, the undisputed expert on the biology of anacondas, this is the first authoritative book on the biology of the green anaconda.  In Anaconda: The Secret Life of the World’s Largest Snake, Rivas describes his experiences over a quarter of a century, exploring the secret life of these fantastic snakes, including: their diet, movement patterns, life and tribulations, survival, behavior, and fascinating reproductive life.  More than just presenting facts about anacondas, Rivas tells his story about studying them in the field.

Anaconda presents a comprehensive treatment of the natural history of the elusive green anacondas.  Drawing on twenty-five years of research on this reptile in the wild and in captivity, Rivas delves into the biology, behavior, demography, reproductive habits, and diet of the anaconda, as well as issues relating to its conservation.  Rivas uses an ecological and evolutionary framework to present his research and supplements hard data with descriptions of his research methods, including how he tracked down the anaconda for observation and study in wild.  The resulting book is a complete and engaging examination of the world’s largest snake.

The rich photographs provided, paired with Rivas’ storytelling, makes this the perfect book for anyone looking to learn (or even learn more!) about this mysterious snake.

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Oxford University Press, October 2020.  378 pages,  hardcover, 109 colour photos