Stevenson, Colin

OUT OF PRINT IN HARDCOVER.  What animal has the most powerful bite of any living creature? What animal has compounds within its blood that can combat diseases for which humans have no medicines? Which animal breathes air, but can stay submerged for hours at a time? The answer is of course the crocodilians – crocodiles, alligators and their cousins the caimans and the gharial.

Crocodiles of the World aims to be more than an introduction or overview of crocodiles: it will provide the reader with details only available previously in the scientific journals, specialist publications or much more technical books. The information is presented in clear language without the need for technical knowledge. The author has painstakingly ensured that the information is based on the most recent studies. The text is accompanied by photos that further illuminate the true nature of these incredible predators. Whether casually interested or deeply fascinated by crocodiles, your needs are met in this book.

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New Holland Publishers, July 2019.  176 pages, hardcover,  colour photos