Melville, Jane, Steve Wilson

The only title available on Australian Dragon Lizards including the most recent understanding of their origins and life history.

Australia’s mostly hot dry continent is home to nearly 800 described species and the seven Australian families represent four evolutionary lineages; three families of geckoes and flap-footed (legless) lizards; skinks; goannas and dragons. Australia is a land of lizards, with an amazing diversity of species that rivals any other country on earth.

The authors aim to convey their admiration for these amazing animals and share the knowledge and experience gained from working with them. Provided are the most recent understanding of their origins, life history, habitat and distribution. Also included is an individual account of all of Australia’s dragon species, featuring the most up to date taxonomic classification. Each is described, illustrated and mapped.

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Museum Victoria, September 2019.  400 pages, paperback, colour photographs