Lord, Rexford D.

From marsupials to bats to carnivores to cetaceans, fully one-fourth of the world’s mammals can be found on the South American continent. Rexford D. Lord provides the most vivid snapshot of South American fauna ever produced. With 252 stunning photographs-most taken by the author during his 40 years as an ecologist and mammalogist in the region-and engaging descriptions of each of the mammal families found on the continent, Lord reveals the diversity of these incredible animals.

Among the mammals profiled here are the unusual and exotic spectacled bear, the capybara (the world’s largest rodent), and the common llama. Lord includes such fascinating facts as details about the “third eyelid” of the manatee, the strange hair of sloths, how vampire bats actually feed, and the unusual lives of river dolphins. Intertwined with the facts and photographs are stories of the connection between mammals and humans in South America, including current conservation issues.

This breathtaking overview will find a place in the library of anyone with interests in the fauna or the continent. Arranged according to the recognized mammal families, it will serve as a valuable reference for both students and professional mammalogists.

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Johns Hopkins University Press, March 2007.  198 pages, hardcover, 252 color photographs

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